Data School Trainee Consultant

As a consultant of The Data School, your experience will far and away surpass that of the ‘average’ training contract. I mean yes, you will you be paid £30k per year to learn about data and technology from some of the greatest data experts across the world (including 3 Tableau Zen Masters and a handful of Alteryx ACEs). And yes, you’ll undertake this intensive and extensive training over 4 months in our fabulous Data School located just a stone’s throw from St. Paul’s Cathedral. And yes, you’ll even be given the chance to showcase your new found knowledge and skills with the some of the biggest and most recognised blue chip clients in the UK in a series of placements….

But there’s more to our training than that.

Entre tus responsabilidades y tareas estarán...

Because we don’t just teach technology for technology’s sake. And we don’t just teach in ‘any old way’. With support from your coaches and the wider team, you will learn broader skills about storing, managing and presenting data as well as personal skills to help boost your own confidence in becoming an exceptional consultant. And all within an environment which can only be described as extraordinarily inclusive and collaborative.

¿Qué perfil buscamos?

Don’t have any knowledge of Tableau or Alteryx currently? No problem.  Our consultants come from all different walks of life and many had never heard of Tableau before they stumbled across us: you can meet some of them here. The one thing they do have in common, however, is that they are all passionate about problem-solving. Especially problem solving with data and evidence. So if you share the same inquisitive nature and have a passion for getting to the truth by way of data, then get in touch as soon as possible to start your journey with us.

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¿Quién trata tus datos?

The Information Lab Spain, S.L.
(en adelante, “Titular“)

¿Por qué tratamos los datos que te pedimos?

Se tratan tus datos para poder prestarte los servicios solicitados. + info

¿Cuál es la legitimación para este tratamiento de tus datos?
Estos datos son necesarios para llevar a cabo la resolución de consultas que puedas plantearnos o para la prestación de los servicios que se hayan solicitado a través del Sitio Web. + info
¿Se van a hacer cesiones o transferencias con tus datos?
Tus datos no serán cedidos a terceras empresas. + info
¿Cuáles son mis derechos?

El interesado tiene derecho a ejercitar su derecho de:
– Acceso, rectificación, supresión, oposición, portabilidad de los Datos, limitación del Tratamiento y a no ser objeto de decisiones automatizadas individualizadas. + info

¿Tienes dudas?
Tanto si tienes alguna o sugerencia como si quieres darte de baja ponte en contacto con nosotros enviando un email a la siguiente dirección: